Monday, December 13, 2010

The Test in Action

Test Objective- To complete as many curl-ups as possible up to a maximum of 75 at a specified cadance that on a cd.

Test Prep and equipment

  • Find yoga or training style mat
  • Place a measuring strip of about 35 inches long and 4 inches wide about 2 ft above the end of the mat
  • Circle up students and have them perform stretches that stretch out their lower back and hip flexors specifically.  You do not want to work yourself to hard seeing as this is a test of muscular endurance.


  1. Select a partner (this can be done by students or teacher)
  2. Select which partner will go first.
  3. Selected partner then lies in a supine position on the mat with the knees bent at an angle of 140 degrees with their feet flat on the floor, arms straight and parallel to the trunk, and their palms and head resting on the mat with their finger tips resting on the edge of the measuring strip while the other partner kneels down to prepare to count how many times they curl up keeping their hands on the mat with the fingertips slightly passing the opposing edge of the strip.
  4. Remind the students that they are continuing until failure
  5. Play the cadence cd
  6. When everyone is done repeat these instructions with the partners switched

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